Two versus one

15 February 2022 - 1 min read

God created human beings who are given one mouth and two ears normally. Hands and feet respectively left and right. As well as two eyes to see.

Humans have only one mouth while two ears are on the right and left sides respectively. That is, listening is more than talking. One will feel happy and appreciated when the stories are heard carefully. Learn to be a good listener.

Two eyes to see. God created the sense of sight in greater quantity than the mouth. Two appeals to one. So look more, read more. Learn to be a good observer and reader.

Two hands, left and right. Work and create something useful. Show the best work. Learn to be a person who doesn’t just talk nonsense. Prove it with work.

Two feet to step on. Run and chase dreams. Step into a positive place. Learn to step more carefully.

One mouth, two eyes, two hands and two feet. Prove to the world how capable we are, don’t just bullshit.

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