My name is Arif Riyanto.

I am a Product Designer with a real passion for human-centered design solutions, also have extensive experience as Front End developer.

This is me :)

By using human-centered design, I'm able to innovatively strategize, conceptualize, and ultimately deliver truly engaging customer experiences throughout a product's lifecycle. I love making things better, more useful, and fun. My core belief is that all content on the web should be accessible to anyone using any kind of device to access the internet.

Currently, I work at Tokopedia. My day job is spent building and contributing to our better UX apps.

I'm an experienced team leader and thrive collaborating with multi-disciplinary groups to solve complex problems and create intuitive experiences.

My skills include product design, interactive design, prototyping, mobile design, front-end development, and team leadership. I'm interested in clean aesthetics, minimalism, photography, and simplistic UX solutions.

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