Don't be too far

01 February, 2022 - 1 min read

It’s like pedaling a bicycle, with your eyes fixed on the distant goal ahead. You keep pedaling, your gaze unwavering as you focus on the point where you will eventually arrive. How does it feel?

Now, imagine pedaling a bicycle while looking at a comfortable angle just a few meters ahead of you. The wheels continue to turn, and you keep pedaling, taking in the details of your surroundings. How does it feel now?

Sometimes, an obsession with a large, distant goal can drain a lot of energy, even leading to waste. It is important to remember to enjoy the journey, focusing on completing one or two steps at a time rather than thinking too far ahead. Let today be a gift, yesterday a memory, and tomorrow a hope.

While it is important to have a goal in mind, it is also crucial to focus on solving the problems of today rather than ignoring them. By staying present and taking things one step at a time, we can move towards our goals with a clear mind and renewed energy.”

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