Redefining the Product Discount Experience

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3 months


The main objective is how to provide an easy to use, hassle free, and flexible platform that sellers can use to make their process of discount activation.


Diskon Toko in Tokopedia is one of the vital promotional tools for sellers to promote their products and attract new buyers, beside using Flash Sale as a campaign.

98% sellers have been using Diskon Toko to their advantage and rely solely on Diskon Toko when they are not participating in a flash sale. Despite the high adoption rate, slash price is one of the most problematic features (contribute 80% of campaign reports).

Company Problem

Despite the high adoption rate, slash price is one of the most problematic features that contribute 80% of campaign CS tickets.

Existing Experience

Currently, Tokopedia has a Diskon Toko page that shows the sellers everything from their products on sale, what is coming and the inactive discount.

I did a design audit on the Diskon Toko page for some visual design and UX issues.

Slash Price
Slash Price
Slash Price

Start to Understand

I held a series of seller interviews lines to better understand their pain points, and constraints. Each of these interviews was captured in audio and text format, and was used to identify common themes and specific needs.

I also explored existing data and artifacts, including:

  1. number of registered Diskon Toko product
  2. traffic and user analytics data
  3. audience demographics and targeting data
  4. seller product discount period

Organizing Feedback

After conducting an interviews and design audit, I transferred all quotes, comments, and feedback from our findings into Miro board and start categories and grouping between notes.

Slash Price


Based on the seller interviews, some parts caused a pain point for sellers in creating a campaign. Some of them are:

Sellers cannot add more product quantity to participate Slash Price
Sellers are not able to edit the stock on during campaign period
Sellers have to wait at least 30 minutes until the Slash Price starts


  • How might we allowing seller can manage all discounted products that they have set.
  • How might we allowing seller to add new products that they want to set discount easily.
  • How might we allowing seller to fill in the discount parameters that they want.

Start Designing

New Activation Flow

After interviewing several sellers and looking at internal data, I create a new flow to make the discount activation process more comfortable for the seller. The new flow allows the seller to choose multi-products to be activated simultaneously.

Slash Price
Slash Price

Discount Monitoring

Discount monitoring represents the process that seller go through after creating product discount

Rather than displaying all products, whether they are currently on sale or not, it only shows what's needed. Generally, the step of monitoring discount can be divided into 3 states which consists of ongoing, upcoming, and transferable discounts.

Sellers are also given the flexibility to add or delete products in this discount list.

  1. Ongoing

    Ongoing contains a list of products that are currently on sale.

  2. Upcoming

    Upcoming contains products whose discount period has been determined and is waiting for ongoing.

  3. Transferable

    Transferable is a state where a product that previously had a discount also set to participate in the Flash Sale campaign at the same period.

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Products Selection

The idea of this popup modal is the flexibility for sellers to filter and select the products that they want to activate the discount. To filter products, sellers can choose categories and showcases. This design prevents sellers from choosing products that do not have stock because, naturally, a product must have available stock to set a discount. So products that cannot be selected will be disabled, and the tooltips will appear.

One of the complaints from sellers on the current design is that it is not possible to arrange discounts on several products at once. Meanwhile, middle to upper-scale sellers usually arrange their products in bulk.

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Discount Setup

One of the new features on the discount settings page is the multi-edit product. This feature facilitates sellers with the need to activate several products at once. On one page, the sellers have more freedom to determine the discount percentage, final price, or the period of the discount.

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As the next step to ensure whether the design that I made is suitable for the user or not, I conducted usability testing. However, because it is still in the atmosphere of the covid-19 pandemic, I held it online.

In general, the sellers are very accepting of the new designs. Although there are still some parts that still need to be improved. Furthermore, the points conveyed by the sellers I use as a reference for the second iteration.

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Slash Price
Slash Price
Slash Price
Slash Price

Final Design

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