Clean up your Downloads folder in your brain

10 January 2021 - 1 min read


One bad habit I have is not tidying up the Downloads folder immediately after download something from the internet. As a result, the files accumulate, and I often have difficulties finding the file.

Ideally, I tidy up the downloaded file once the process is complete. Then move it into the folder according to the category that I created. In fact, it doesn’t like that. Once the downloaded file is complete, I open the file, and when I am done with that, I don’t move it.

There are two types of files of mine in general; long-term and temporary.

The long-term is files that I need to keep for some moments. For example, photo, audio, Sketch, PSD assets. Which of these files most likely I will open again.

Temporary is usually the application master file, which when I finish installing the application, I no longer need it.

It is the same when I read or hear information from Facebook, TV, people talking, or from anywhere. Sorting out what to keep or throw away what’s not necessary

What’s more, information spreads on this day is very fast and anything you can download into your brain if you want.

Be smart to download information or immediately clean up the folder in your brain. Save it or delete it immediately if you have to.

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